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Traveling Journal: Alanya, Turkey

This was by far my favorite day, and I would love to come back! We began to walk around on our own just to experience the culture and I absolutely love it! Everyone was so incredibly nice and accommodating. I was so pleasantly surprised by everyone!

As we were walking around town, we found a mosque. The women had to cover our heads to go inside. As we went in, it was so beautiful! The guy watching the mosque said the men stayed on the first level, but the women (when they prayed) had to go up to the top level. From there, we went in numerous shops (which were very well priced) and spoke to many Turks – all were just wonderful to talk to! We also stopped at two bars to have – you guessed it – some Turkish beers! The second place we stopped was over-looking the water and the view was spectacular!


At one point in the day, we found a beach which was awesome! We put our feet in the Mediterranean and we were able to really take in all of the views around us. At one point, I had to take myself out of the moment, look up in awe and just thought to myself “This is the Mediterranean and I am half way around the world!” It was just so amazing! We eventually had to leave and put our sneakers back on! The sand was very fine and did not really stick to my feet – that was great because I hate how our sand gets everywhere!


Overall, I loved everything about this place – the culture, the views, how everyone was so polite. I would just love to visit again!


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