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Traveling Journal: Egypt

Port Said was a fantastic day, but it was so long! Our guide informed us that we will begin our three hour drive to Cairo. So, we finally made to our first destination – the pyramids. It was a little hazy out, but the pyramids were still amazing! Our next stop was the sphinx, which was pretty awesome and so surreal! I was standing in front of this amazing structure that was build thousands of years ago – that is just so hard to comprehend!


After our stop at the pyramids and the sphinx, we made our way to the jeep safari. We went into a country club where we got in the vehicle that was just big enough for the six of us and made our way to the desert behind the country club. Our jeep went all over the sand and over the dunes like a roller coaster – we were bouncing around everywhere! At one point, we stopped on top of one dune – I guess to take pictures – and in front of us was what looked like a huge drop off. The driver of our jeep and the jeep next to us began revving their engines pretending like they were going to race down the dune! They seemed to get so much enjoyment out of driving us around! When we started to go again, we were all so surprised when we did end up going over that huge drop off! (I have to admit that it was not nearly as bad as what it looked like).

After twenty minutes or so, we came to the camels that we would be riding! I hopped on my camel, and before I knew it, the camel was getting up! It was a little scary at first, but I quickly became comfortable.

After the camel ride, we had lunch at this beautiful country club and then headed to Saqqara. Our tour guide took us inside, but there were way too many of us to fit in these small rooms. I was a little disappointed because I feel like I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have because I just thought about how hard it was to breathe with so many people around me! It was really interesting to see all of the hieroglyphics still painted on the walls! After this, we loaded the bus for shopping and then took our three hour drive back to the ship to end our thirteen hour day!


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