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Traveling Journal: Rome, Italy

I am on the plane, ready for Rome! I left my phone at home and my computer is off – there will be no working for me on this vacation! I am so incredibly excited to begin this trip of a life time!

After we got off the plane, we headed to our hotel – and it’s beautiful! After settling it, we went to St. Peter’s Square and that was my absolute favorite! You walk into the church and the architecture and paintings were breath-taking.

A couple of us decided we wanted to go to the top of the church. We took an elevator to the first stop which was inside the church. We wanted to go up further, so we took “some” steps to get to the very top. The “some” steps resulted in about 100 (or more) stairs. The majority of which were small, circular stairs, and none had railings. At one point, the walls on the path were actually crooked and we had to walk sideways! At the very top, the steps were so small and steep that we had to hold onto a rope that fell down in the middle of the circular staircase. When we finally reached the top – exhausted and sore – we saw the most spectacular view of Rome! It was worth every step.


We ended up behind a woman and her son (who was only about 4-5 years old. The little boy was so nervous he was holding on to the walls and even tried to sit and scoot down the stairs. I found it really touching because his mother and I kept exchanging glances and smiles – we had no idea what each other were saying verbally, but sometimes we do not need to speak to express ourselves! I knew the stairs made both of us nervous and I knew we were both tired, but excited that we were able to experience that view!


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