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My Recipe Box: Deli Wraps

I love wraps. I don’t know what it is about them. I was always a little shy about making a lunch wrap by myself because I was worried it would look a little depressing. When I went to make lunch one day, I realized I didn’t have any bread, so threw some things in a tortilla, and now I don’t even buy bread anymore!

I had a party at my house for New Year’s Eve and wanted a finger food that was a little filling. I decided to make these wraps, and just cut them a little smaller and they were a hit! Who knew?

1420064850928 sig


  • Tortilla (I use whole wheat when making lunch, but the giant corn ones when making for a group, which is pictured)
  • Green leaf lettuce
  • Deli meat (I use BBQ Chicken)
  • Cheese (I use yellow American)
  • Hummus (I use either red pepper or chipotle hummus)
  • Craisins

Step 1: Spread hummus on the wrap

Step 2: Fill wrap with the above ingredients

Step 3: Roll your tortilla

Step 4: Eat and enjoy

Step 5: Let me know what you think and any changes you made!!


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