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Morning Workouts: My Love/Hate Relationship and How to Overcome Your Hatred of Mornings

I workout every morning. Working out after work is just not possible for me for so many reasons. I currently wake up at 5am and get to work by 8am. Naturally, this makes me a morning person, right? Well, not really. I love sleeping. I sometimes look at my cat and become jealous because that’s all he does is lounge around and sleep all day. I see my bed and warm comforter, and just want to lay back down. I look outside and it is dark. That does not help. So how do I do it?

When my alarm goes off, I hate it. Every single morning. My first thought is always “noooo!!!! 5 more minutes”. Then it is “Amanda, you’ll be just as tired in an hour” (which is when I would normally get up). I admit that this is a completely true statement, and I roll out of bed. I am already in my workout clothes because that’s what I sleep in, making changing one less step I have to do in the morning. I then walk (or stumble) into my living room and turn on my fitness idol, The Daily Hiit.

Workout Setup

After about three weeks, it became a habit. I had more energy and was actually more tired if I skipped. I was happier. I felt good about myself. My mission was complete. (And yes, that’s my awesome Phillies yoga mat.)

What are your tips? If you’re struggling to start a morning workout, does this help?


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