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Super Simple and Inexpensive DIY Cork Board

I have this big desk that I’ve had for years. I loved it, but I really wanted a cork board where I could pin some things. One day, I looked at this empty space on the desk and thought that would be a great place for it! So, I went to the store and bought some super inexpensive materials and got to work!



  • Wood (cut, as needed)
  • Cork sheets
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon, if desired
  • Glue Gun

Step 1: Use the glue gun to super glue the cork sheets to the wood, that is pre-cut to your desired size.

Glue the cork board to the wood

Glue the cork sheets to the wood

Step 2: After the cork board is secure, wrap the cork and wood with the fabric you chose. Simply wrap it like a present, and glue the back of it so that it will hold.

Tip: Cut off any extra fabric so that it doesn’t add too much bulk.

005Step 3: Personalize! Add any decorative ribbon, if desired. Because I was adding it to the desk, I cut holes on the side to insert dowels. My desk has adjustable shelves, so there were already dowel holes built in.

Step 4: Share your process with me!!


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